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Rid the world of theocracy

I am asking anyone across the world who reads the following to copy it and to send it to your government officials (if possible) and to the United Nations Security Council.

Be it resolved that the mixing of Church and State has caused untold human suffering for centuries, we propose that the governments of the world rid themselves of any and all theocratic encumbrances.

1. That no nation's constitution, articles of confederation or other document of national law and purpose be based upon any religious book or religious tradition.

2. That no nation will allow a cleric to hold office within its government.

3. That a nation's laws shall be based upon humanitarian principles which would ensure adequate food, housing, education and medical care for its citizens, instead of the dictates of a religious authority.

4. That all religious organizations shall be fairly taxed as any business enterprise might be taxed, and that the same penalties for failure to pay said taxes be enforced with the same rigor as it is upon individuals and businesses who fail to pay their taxes.

5. That all missionary enterprises be halted worldwide

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New Member Pictures

Connie Munger
Michael Archontas
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Ling and our ArtGroup have been doing new Member pictures and I thought to post some today.


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A new model of human consciousness

We are gradually spreading the word throughout our system of sites, blogs and phlogs that we beleive that we have developed a coherent and new model of human consciousness. We came across the idea during an e-mail discussion with an Associate of the OC and that was about ten days ago. Since that time we've been slowly working out the ramifications of it and it goes like this:

It has long been thought that our consciousness - which we shall define here as that which we know, think and feel - is located in our brains. This has been the "standard model" since some time before the Enlightenment and today nearly everyone accepts it as a given. Much research has been expended in psychology, biology and neuroscience to find just where in the brain human consciousness resides. We are proposing that this is just so much barking up the wrong tree.

Human consciousness uses the human brain. It does not originate in the brain nor is it in any way a permanent feature of the brain. Human consciousness resides in the unobstructed universe, that realm which so many of us cannot see yet is around us all. In this place where live those who have passed on, those yet to be born and those devic or angelic beings which were here before us - it is from that very place that our individual human consciousness uses our brains. We have been enculturated not to be aware of this. Yet we "use" our brains much as radio signals "use" a radio or a computer's operating system "uses" the computer's hardware. I might be taken to task about the seantics of the last part of the last sentence, being corrected with "the computer uses the operating system;" but in reality it boils down to a choice of perception.

This would explain a great deal about a number of things which we as living human beings experience in our lives:

- it would validate the sense of personal immortality with which even the staunchest atheist is embued; if we were here before our mortal lives, and likely we were, then we shall continue after
- it would explain a great deal about those things which our culture views as psychological abberations such as paranoia, schizophrenia and especially "multiple personality" phenomena. If a mnid using a brain becomes so convinced of the reality of its permanent location within a brain it will take very seriously certain fear-producing events which can occur. A beating or rape, being involved in a wartime incident will certainly affect how you view the world even though you are a personality in an ethereal location which is using a living brain. Schizophrenia might well have nutritional and other biological causes but the implication is that if you found that your brain was physically malfunctioning you would still attempt to use it. This would be like shouting into a cell phone that is out of its range of coverage, or using a computer that has a malfunctioning hard-drive. That human consciousness would be affected during life would account for depression and some forms of paranoia. The analogy here would be a corrupted operating system, or one with a virus. In computer operating systems there really is not a "virus" in the biological sense; it is well understood that certain kinds of code perform in a similar manner to the biological virus. Multiple personality phenomena - as opposed to using the word "disorder" would be explained by saying that a human consciousness has been so traumatized as to refuse to any longer use the brain or body in which it operates. The brain then would either attract a new consciouss entity or, a new conscius entity would at least part of the time use the same brain. The analogy here is like a hard-drive partitoned to use more than one operating system on a computer in a series of "virtual machines."
- it would explain why some people have what are called "out of body" experiences - OOBE's - because such individuals have learned, usually on a subliminal level, that they aren't really tied to their brains. Human brains are not used to processing direct information from the unobstructed universe, which would explain why such experiences are often innacurately portrayed when verbally reported. This segues into dreaming.
- our dreams are usually not pleasant and this would be an habituation of a mind residing in a brain but experienceing the unobstructed or numinous world; unaccustomed to the "different reality" thus experienced the brain's various perceptual centers - visual cortex especially - will produce paradoxical and sometimes upsetting imagery. The stuff from which nightmares are made.
- to conclude this proposition I suggest that certain drugs which affect the brain do so in a manner which gives our immaterial minds numerous options of perception and action. Thus chemicals like DMT and LSD-25, which are commonly called "hallucinogenic" - "generating hallucinations" - will have a mind using not one part of a brain but many at the same time. For whatever reason empathogens such as MMDA, MDA and MDMA would for whatever reason make those areas of the brain through which emotions and feelings are processed by the mind seem most inviting.

We have just begun exploring the implications of this idea and welcome comments.

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New art and other media software

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We've been getting into a lot of different new software lately and there are two outstanding programs for doing photos and ar that are free and easy to navigate. One is called PhotoScape and is more geared towrds photos, the other is called PaintStar and is better for digital artists. PaintStar is an open-source item available at . We've also gotten two new media players, the Irfanview player and the Kantaris media player. Irfanview is nice but you have to download individual codecs for the various video and music formats you may have; Kantaris takes almost anything that you can throw at it except .xvid and it has a beautiful visualizer if you use it to listen to music - and it too is available as an open-source from sourceforge.

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What if?

What if you woke up one morning and you were the other gender?

What if you found a million dollars on the side of the road?

What if you found yourself inexplicably in another country?

What if someone came up to you and acted like they'd known you all of your life but you had absolutely no clue as to who they are?

What if the countries of the world decided to end war and feed the poor?

What if there were no more oil tomorrow?

What if you found yourself with three children that you did not have yesterday?

What if someone started making fun of you in front of other people?

What if you found you could never get enough Stuff?

What if no-one sold or used crack any more?

What if parents stopped slapping, beating and raping their children?

What if the media started telling the truth about everything going on?

What if the kids in your school were kind to each other?

What if your ministers, imams, rabbis, gurus and priests said "I don't know?"

What if the Devil and Jesus appeared together on TV like good buddies?

What if the Pope asked the Dalai Lama to marry him?

What if the Dalai Lama did?

What if the UN decided they'd enough of the USA's imperialism and took over?

What if alcoholics found themselves free of their chains?

What if everyone on the planet shared what they have with each other?

What if we all decided to take off for the day?

What if every bully on the planet stepped in a dog turd and didn't know it?

What if a cancer cure was announced today?

What if everyone suddenly had a great sense of humor?

What if the guys in the saucers landed and went on worldwide TV?

What if you think about this stuff for a little while and humor an old man who thinks of things like this constantly? What if it expands your imagination and your sense of humor? What if you find out that this is EXACTLY how to transform your life and your world for the better? Imagine!

John Lennon did. And he asked me to post this at our various places on the Interent - yeah, he stopped by for a short visit and I channeled him. Jeezo - what if I'm not kidding?

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